Wow, Jony Rave is such a fabulous name! There’s something about it that’s just so quirky and fun. When I hear that name, I imagine someone who loves to have a good time and isn’t afraid to be a little wild. It’s not often we see pop artists who embrace that kind of vibe. Therefore I was wholly excited to hear from him. Hence, when I got an email from Jony. My first thought was that I hoped he could live up to his sassy pop star name. I was lucky enough to get an early listen to his new single, “Free,” and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The music is definitely danceable electro-pop, but it’s also well-done and doesn’t sound too shabby at all.

All along, I had a feeling that Jony’s song “Free” would be a hit. He’s from Stockholm, Sweden, and let’s be honest – the Swedes unquestionably know how to make some awesome electro-pop anthems. I also think Jony deserves recognition as an independent singer, songwriter, and producer. His talent is undeniable.

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After some health issues in 2022, Jony worked tirelessly to heal and create new music that was deeply personal and empowering. The result is the song “Free,” a powerful anthem about freedom, self-confidence, and pride. The song is a reflection of Jony’s personal journey and his determination to overcome his struggles and childhood traumas. The lyrics are raw and honest, and the melody is both uplifting and empowering. It’s safe to say that “Free” is a true testament to the power of music and how it can help us heal and find our own strength.

I have to say, the latest track is a banger! But if you want to get a sense of this emerging pop force’s diverse musicality and beautifully nuanced musicianship, you should definitely check out their previous singles “Only A Dream” and “I Wanna Go“. The way Jony Rave pulls in different styles and directions is truly impressive. With this latest EDM-infused pop jam, it looks like they’re only going to make an even bigger impression on the pop stage.

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