If you need more proof not all music coming out of Nashville is countryfied, I am happy to introduce you to new music artist Johnnie Mikel through his brand of electronic, soulful dance pop. As the singer-songwriter, musician begins to mark his mark on the music scene, he has the added advantage of being skilled in multiple areas and really, honing these skills before putting out the impressive debut release “Come With Me“.

I’m not going to lie I find most R’n’B stylized pop uninventive in ways that I’ve heard it all before but, I took a liking to Johnnie because the music is pure him, his vision. And, I couldn’t deny the song has good appeal and impact also I really, liked the shiny aviator glasses he wears in the video. The thing is, I can hear dynamic contrast in the vocals, and the tonality is on point with the style of music, in mind. Afterall, this is his debut effort and really, shines a light on his skills, in a positive way that the potential to achieve is palpable the more you listen to the song.

I know I’m not the only one who is seeing promising possibilities for Johnnie because it sure looks as though there has been some money investment pooled into the making of the music video. It’s packed with light effects and soft-focused camera angles that make the singer’s cheekbones glisten and the chic models, appear even more stylishly, modish. I do appreciate, the air of mystique, created for the visual treatment, however, I’d like to see Johnnie’s personality come out more, on future music video releases.

I get the feeling, now that he’s on the map they’ll be no holding back when it comes to going forward with the music. Johnnie has the talent to pull it off, with smooth vocals, dance skills and genuine pop star potential.

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Twitter: @johnniemikel
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johnniemikel/