Jim Bergsted is the latest pop wunderkid to appear out of Norway and he is causing quite a stir armed with two highly effervescing electronic pop orientated singles to his name.

Previously one half of the duo Cars and Calories, JIM is now building on his former experience and breaking out as a solo artist. There’s every indication from his debut efforts that he’s destined to corner the teen-pop market in the first instance. Yet who knows, with a little more artistic growth on his side in the not so distant future, there’s every possibility that he can take his music into a more mature direction, when he’s had his fill of this radio friendly diddies such as “On and On” and “Under Attack”.

For now, the concentration is heaped towards making impressionably, intensive, electronic-pop songs, which JIM is seemingly and comfortably administering with ease. Latest single “Under Attack” is derived of 80’s colourful pop splendour with a nice side of euphorically, uplifting, anthemic chorus.

As an entry into a solo career, there is plenty of fizz in JIM’s songs to score a favourable reaction. You can practically taste the rainbow in them. They are so neon charged and gleaming in poptasticness.