Jerry Williams

The secret is out! EQ Music is a fan of Jerry Williams.

How could we not be, when she’s clearly so adorable.

Jerry is one little lady though, who far from just being seen as adorable is a masterful lyrical wordsmith, but not only that she’s re-igniting a playful presence on the pop scene with her unashamedly quirky brand of music, through her tracks “Cold Beer”, “Boy Oh Boy” and “Mother

At first look people might be too quick to assume Jerry to be modeled as Lily Allen with a guitar, as the similarity is there for all to see. When actually though, the 20 year old’s distinctive indie-pop giving compositions are weighted in Jerry’s unique-to-her spin of youthfully observed artistry.

As one of the UK’s most charismatically endearing, emerging female artists. We wanted to find out a little more about the processes and phenomenal foresight of vision that goes into making the music of Jerry Williams so special and fresh.

Just recently, we had the opportunity to do just that. We got the low-down and put some questions to Jerry herself when she played British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park.

Clearly our appetites are whetted to see Jerry in action now, so we should definitely take a look at current single “Mother” that Jerry was so informatively animated about. True to her word it’s very yellow, bouncy of beats and gives a really candid snapshot as to what a focused and talented young lady she is.