We haven’t crossed music blogging paths with Jeremy Thurber before. Yet, the prospering young singer/songwriter has worked up a substantial array of behind-the-scenes credits to his name over recent years.

While music might be where Jeremy is focused right now, it hasn’t always been so. Thurber actually came from a dancing background but it wasn’t long after appearing in other artist’s music videos, that he realized that songwriting and making music as an artist in his own right would be a more fitting avenue to pursue. Where, much of his early work stemmed from writing for K-Pop and J-Pop bands but after enjoying a brief stab at recording a couple of tracks under his own esteem has since progressed to most recently being collaboratively involved with Meghan Trainor and Jake Miller.

Things work wise have been on the up-and-up but it’s only natural in progression that the attention falls back to Jeremy’s own music and that of establishing himself artistically under the public spotlight, once more. Earlier this year saw Jeremy’s reemergence on the scene with a pop driven collection of emotionally dynamic tracks titled the “Deliverance” EP. Comprised of twinkly piano laced ballads for the most part, it provided a glowing reintroduction to Jeremy’s stunningly powering and dynamically observed vocal capabilities moreover.

For his follow-up release “Find You In The Dark”, Jeremy has embraced the introduction of adding synths into his personably, emotive music which we of course are happiest to be hearing of! From our point of view Jeremy’s onto a win with this electronically defined new sound on board. It just works its sparkly magic to give those well-heeled, range defying vocal chops an extra soupçon of pop friendly appeal.

With or without the electronic flourishes in place, what Jeremy has in the way of personable style uppermost is kind of speaking volumes of out-of-the-ordinary specialness and one-to-watch status to us right now.