I’ve been seeing mentions about the newest singing sensation JAX springing up everywhere. So I decided I needed to carry out a full investigation into the latest emerging pop artist phenomenon made famous via, TikTok. She’s the newest signing to Atlantic Records. (Kudos to them, they jumped on her quick once they saw she was clocking up 200 million views on TikTok with her quirky yet relatable offerings.) She took the world by storm with her single “Ring Pop” because basically being a track about her being broke and her boyfriend not being able to afford to buy her an engagement ring. The material things don’t matter when you are rich for being in love alone. The sentiment is sweet and struck a chord to the tune of hundreds of thousands of streams, probably into the millions now.

JAX follows up the release with the retrospective, glowing “90s Kids.

“I’m obviously a 90s kid, and grew up with all these amazing trends that I’m still obsessed with today,” said Jax. “One night at 3am, I was just thinking of all the times I’d watched “Saved By The Bell,” played Super Smash Bros, danced to Britney Spears, and I just put it all in a voice memo. Next thing I knew by sunrise I had this anthem to rep all my fellow 90s babies.”

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I am a mum to two 90s kids, I absolutely relate to the latest JAX anthem. In our family experience, I’d probably have to make a substitution, bringing in S Club 7 in place of Britney Spears. The bit where JAX makes reference to being an infuriated Tamagotchi owner. I felt every bit of her trauma raising these demanding digital pets. There is no denying JAX, “90s Kids” has, appeal. An appeal that isn’t exclusive to 90s kids only, 70s, 80s, 00s kids. Kids of all ages will appreciate JAX engaging and observational lyrical style above all. From listening to her tracks, I get the impression, her bops come over quite jolly, and with good humour. Because she sings best when she wears a smile on a face. How lovely and cute, if true.

Of the music, JAX says

“I want you to know it’s cool to be weird. If you’re not feeling cool enough, I’m on the same plane. We’re all in this together.”

JAX full length is coming. I think we could all do with some of her light-hearted whimsy after everything we’ve been through lately. I for one, am feeling very hungry for whimsical pop offerings right now. This is a release I immediately cannot wait to eat up.

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