I first heard about pop chameleon Jared Gelman nearly two years ago. He wrote in, to me, when he’d only just begun putting his tracks on the internet yet, I refrained from writing about him at the time. Visually he most certainly leapt out at me, but I felt there was something of a power imbalance between his striking aesthetic and the music he was then putting out. However, Jared isn’t someone who I forgot about, I’ve always had him in mind for an Emerging Artists feature. There has never been a question mark over this, it was invariably going to happen when he gave me his best song. Which just so transpires is the latest offering, “Impulsive.

What do I like about “Impulsive?” It showcases the growth in his songwriting. The intent has always been there, but he has really learned how to turn his thoughts into, engaging lyrical narratives. And in my opinion “Impulsive” is where all the songwriting facets come knitted together and arrive on-par with one another. He factors in, electrifying crashes of synth sound. Ensuring the dark-pop served melody is prettily tuned to a T so that it will grab our attention as much as his eccentric dress sense does. (He looks great – by the way.)

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The dark-pop track talks about spontaneous decision making and the consequences of my rash choices,” Jared explained over email. He is suitably open, to sharing his eccentricities what make him tick when it comes to the image he projects. “Impulsive” concentrates on his image his styling and his self-made identity above all else. From, cutting holes in his clothes to getting a tattoo because he likes the pain of feeling something. It is refreshing and cool to see someone with such a strong sense of self. Flying in the face of convention, challenging norms and holding no prisoners. On a side-thought about such things. Wouldn’t it also be grand if people could pipe down about Harry Styles wearing dresses and skirts? Do people realise how absurd they sound when taking to task, another person’s choice of fashion?

As I was saying, through music Jared Gelman unapologetically explores the darkness, the weirdness and the sparkly stuff about himself. It is going to be a fun ride trying to keep up with this ever-evolving artist, for sure. More of what he is doing on “Impulsive” will continue to tick boxes for me.

Connect with Jared Gelman
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JaredGelmanMusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaredgelman
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaredgelman/

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