I have a confession to make. Somebody slipped me a note about singer-songwriter Jack Vallier a while ago but for some reason or other (most probably due to a massive pile of pitches and submissions) he slipped the net, and I’ve been keen to correct this oversight ever since. After honing his craft for a few years, Jack independently released his first single “Rebekah” in, 2017, it was the track which first found it’s way over to me and was the track which subsequently started to make things happen for the young man. On the strength of the song, he got picked up and signed to Method Records, the home of Sam Smith and Disclosure.

I remember thinking to myself when listening to the song he’s got a lovely vocal style and tone to his voice, which I’ve since come to recognise is some way similar to that of Ryan Johnston of the alternative pop group Skinny Living. In fact just, a short while ago I went back to recheck some old leads and noticed Jack had since released a four-track strong, EP, where I there and then fell in pop love with the soft, electronically strung track “Good For You“. I knew from that point onwards I should keep a keener eye open for the next single to drop.

The notification I had been waiting for appeared just days ago, and as I had suspected the latest track shows some growth in Jack’s artistry as well as being, slightly melodically bolder. “Love You Twice“, is co-written by Jack, and Finnish composer Hank Solo. The pairing has been mindful of keeping the singer-songwriter vibe on-going while tweaking up the melodic element with skittering electronic hues and sonics. It’s like sealing the deal or nearing on perfecting a style which wraps around Jack’s soulfully sleek, voice but ensuring that he never loses his individuality and unique, creative sound.

Jack Vallier has undeniably risen to the brink of breaking through from the ground up. With a few more pushes “Love You Twice” is the kind of song which has the potential to see that his voice gets heard more widely. Blending vulnerable lyrics with finely textured sonic harmonies is a style which feels on point, like his time to finally breakthrough is drawing closer.

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