Obviously, I want you to take note about, Izzy Warner. (I wouldn’t be featuring the North-London based pop newcomer as an emerging artist otherwise- duh.) These are my reasons why. She has released just two tracks, and they are both brilliant alt-pop offerings. In fact, a cover version of Izzy’s debut single “Brand New” was featured in the Will Ferrell “Eurovision Song Contest – The Story Of Fire Saga” movie. Which is just one pretty amazing, fact out of many I picked up about her. A couple more details to note, while we’re in the mood for spilling some T, she’s been a backing vocalist for Paul “No Parlez” Young and the actual, Cher.

Impressive CV bullet points aside. It is the newcomer’s freshly released sophomore single “Untamed” which has got my ears perked up and excited. It’s a buzzy electro-pop offering in a much similar lane as acts like Zara Larsson and Tove Lo style-wise – i.e modern-sounding pop. Not only are Izzy’s vocals superb the production is also top-notch. It’s been produced by Karl Zine (1/2 of London alt-pop duo RINNGS.) The track sounds pretty much to me, as ready to be pushed to radio.

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Speaking about the single, Izzy says: “”Untamed” is about reckless abandon and surrendering to your senses. Knowing that your lover may not be for keeps and being ok with either. Going with the flow and living in the moment. Saucy carnal mindfulness if you will.”

Exactly, as I said before, even the song narrative feels geared ready for earning a chart position. While that may be a prediction which might need more work in terms of amassing a fan base – raising her online profile etc. Izzy should keep with this early trend of producing earworm-catchy bops, I feel it is indeed a trend which will catch-on quickly with pop-aficionados. Who will undoubtedly, see Izzy’s tracks like the sweet treat, they have seen in the dessert cabinet and are longing to tuck in to, but are not allowed to order until they have eaten up all their veggies first.

It is for emerging artists just like Izzy that we, NEED live gigs to be started back up again as soon as possible. This kind of exposure is a crucial part of being noticed and getting her music out and into the ears of people who will most certainly be shaped into fans. It is not always enough to have a good song without a live performance connection also. Remember you heard the name Izzy Warner on EQ Music Blog first. I predict we’ll be seeing her maybe on a music slot of a popular UK TV entertainment show in the not too distant future, fingers crossed. And because her tracks most certainly do stand up.

Connect with Izzy Warner
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IzzyWarnerMusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/izzywarnermusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/izzywarner/

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