By his own admission, when speaking about his latest track release the emerging songwriter/ producer, HULLAH comments… “In true existential form, I’ve written a song with a title only the Pet Shop Boys would dare to use“. Namely, this is a track titled “What If I Feel Like This My Whole Life?” It is indeed an intriguing choice of a song title, that instantly summons up pondering thoughts about its origin and meaning.

Similarly when pop artists pen lyrics they are expressing subject matter relatable to them, be it profoundly or by way of opening up an important conversation. In his track “What If I Feel Like This My Whole Life?” London-based and midlands-born HULLAH is opening up about his day-to-day living with an inflammatory disease, the condition of Ankylosing Spondylitis.

He shares…
“Living with an illness, I often feel a disconnect between my mind and body, something I try to bridge in my music. Music allows me to express my uncertainties and worries and helps me learn more about myself.” 

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With the significance of the track now brought to light, we can appreciate that in this instance, the song comes from a place torn by struggle and resilience.

HULLAH concludes,Self-awareness and a sense of humor often evolve from those living with a disease and disability – the latter make the days easier to battle. This song has helped me to make sense of what’s going on.”

HULLAH sets these introspective leaning narratives to a uniquely crafted electronic soundscape. The track is built around a dreamy vocal and melodic synth work. He puts to use his soothing pop capabilities to create an atmospheric, sonic experience. It’s a potent mix that wrings great emotional weight out of a simple refrain: “What If I Feel Like This My Whole Life?.”

This relative newcomer treats listeners to music with substance. Without losing sight to draw listeners in by crafting a melodically alluring soundscape. Since its release, a few days ago “What if I Feel Like This My Whole Life?” has been spotlighted by BBC Introducing. With support like this coming in, I urge our blog readers even more to take a listen and find out what all the fuss is about…

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