As a rule, I never seem to post about up-and-coming pop acts on a Friday. Being that our daily lives are not exactly normal at the moment, I figured why not mix up the blogging posting routine a bit. Besides, I’ve had the real nice electro-pop track “Pit Stop” sent in by Swedish singer-songwriter Honeyfreckle, staring at me from inside my inbox for a few days. And, I consider it a very good, upbeat track to sign off the week with.

Usually, at this time of year, because of Eurovision, I would be getting my head around listening to and discovering lots of new European pop acts. With the contest being cancelled this year, there is now a gaping hole in the music calendar which ordinarily offers up a plethora of eclectic music offerings, which I love to muse over. It’s a sad, sad situation which has been made a little bit sweeter because of the introduction from Honeyfreckle of Sweden.

Sharing her second single “Pit Stop” the singer (Sanna Hansson) brings about an alluring combination of disco lead electronica, steered by heartfelt lyrics. With the sole aim to have us both dancing and crying at the same time.

“”Pit Stop” is a nightmare scenario. I sometimes have really, bad dreams about being left behind by people that I love. Writing this song has been a way of processing and venting those emotions” – Honeyfreckle

The track comes from a thoughtful place. Honeyfreckle has fashioned lyrics which exhibit a little broodiness as she mulls over the complexities of her latest relationship. Is her subconscious mind filling her with these anxieties, that she doesn’t feel worthy of being loved? What a shame. I hope the power of music can and does help her out, here.

As expected of a Swedish artist, Honeyfreckle is pretty big on nurturing gorgeous, positively catchy melodies. Fixing them with just splash of nostalgia, Sanna and her producer brother Hampus are igniting a promising electrifying brand for themselves. The danceability and shimmering synths of “Pit Stop” is certainly putting a spring in my step.

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