Fun fact. If Drag Race UK Series 2 winner Lawrence Chaney affectionately referred to the producer, singer and songwriter Henry Kaye as Hen (said, in her broad Glaswegian accent), she’d be hitting the mark, spot on. Because the NYC creative does indeed use the moniker HEN as his artist alter-ego. While the TV programming on Thursday evenings are not in any way as sparkly as it was when Drag Race UK Series 2 was on, air. HEN might just well be our glitter-pop saviour in this respect. When he is showering us with the sparkliness of “Devil’s Sounds,” the new single from HEN out today.

What do we think a devil’s sound is? A sinister laugh? A demonic voice? Ordinarily, when being used in movies, it would lead to a yes, to both. Pop music trends tend to take anchor in dark and broodiness or very loud and shouty anarchic tones. And actually “Devil’s Sounds” by HEN is hard to pigeonhole because it is neither of these things. Working with Yoad Nevo (producer, mixer – Sia, Pet Shop Boys, Sophie Ellis-Bextor) HEN brings about a stirring hybrid styled effort, which is vastly distinctive, because of its unusual intro section.

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Some bold choices were made by HEN and Yoad when scoring “Devil’s Sound.”

HEN explains… “This song is a Frankenstein monster, of references, all of which are ultimately about the outcast. “Devil’s Sound” is a gospel-disco mashup about losing faith and turning to vice.” Further divulging his aims as an artist, he states that “with my current body of music I want to tap into this simmering, unpredictable queer rage that America has feared and fallen in love with a million times over.”

HEN explores vast, sonic territories because he doesn’t follow trends. He makes them. “Devil’s Sound” makes my ears prick up, perkily. A triumph of originality and should not be overlooked because it’s a bit of a special one, especially when released on New Music Friday.

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