I’m feeling a chilly nip in the air, and I’m not sure I am particularly ready for winter to start tightening its grip. It is the first week in October, time to swap cheery summer anthems for credible pop tracks but these have been a bit slow in coming forward, as yet. No worries, there is always a gem to be found buried in my submissions pile. Norwegian singer-songwriter Hanne Mjøen and her new track “Sounds Good To Me” are my latest discovery. Hanne’s making her debut on Dutch label Spinnin Records with the song which in itself goes some way to tell us, she’s beginning to get noticed by the right kind of people who champion the rising stars and legends of electronic pop and EDM.

The Olso based artist supported Astrid S, on the Norwegian leg of her world tour, and has been releasing singles for about a year. Her style has a strong accent towards pop with lovely vibey melodies at the heart of her lyric led creations. She had a track called “Vanilla” out at the beginning of the year. It is sweet as its name suggests. It also had the power to make people realise, she’s on-the-rise with the kind of quality tracks which could sit comfortably well alongside her Scandi pop peers in Sigrid and Dagny.

On “Sounds Good To Me” Hanne’s vocal is subtle but nice with a sweetly, vulnerable quality peeking through. She has traces of Frida Sundemo, Noonie Bao and Robyn in her voice, which is alluring in the loveliest of ways. Close your eyes, feel the vibe, of this delightful, dreamy dance track. It will take you to a different world of all soft tones and wintry comforts. It might even make you sway your hips a little as well. Each track Hanne has released thus far is a confident and promising step forward. I foresee nothing but a bright future ahead of her.

Connect with Hanne Mjøen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hannemjoenmusic
Twitter: @hannemjoen
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hanne.mjoen/