Manchester, based HANĀ has just released her debut single “Traitors.” The former performing arts college student is a fresh face, like many emerging artists who have a lot to prove especially, among the current boon of female-fronted electronic pop newcomers. Although, unlike the typical onslaught of summer soaked songs which continue to arrive thick, and fast, HANĀ’s debut is a song focused with greater substance, in mind.

“It’s a song about how a young man was manipulated into a terrorist organisation with promises of god and glory. The lyrics say how he is brainwashed by carrying out cruel acts of terrorism for the wrong reasons; only to later realise the true consequences of his actions. I wrote this song because I wanted to show the act of terrorism from a different perspective – there’s always a different side to every story!” says HANĀ. So, before you ask me, does the song live up to its thought-provoking title, I can tell you the answer is a resounding, yes.

It is an important statement of intent for any musician/artist to make not least a pop newcomer. It’s not like we are going to forget her in a hurry when the bold title of the song all but slaps you in the face. Lyrics aside the vocals suitably combine a cinematic feel with a melancholic, electronic instrumental. Right from the start, you pick up on a haunting vibe but is the emotive quality in her voice which comes as the biggest surprise. Uncompromising and unpredictable, sophisticated and bold, the newcomer seems clear about her ambitions with this song as I feel it does set the groundwork for a prospering career. More than this, the track definitely piques a fair amount of intrigue, which is leaving me suspended in a sense of curiosity long after the intoxicating pop grandeur of the song comes to its dramatic close.

With HANĀ, I am genuinely left with the feeling she’s a newcomer here for the long haul. She’s a budding star and her addicting debut “Traitors”, will not leave your head.

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