Monday is increasingly becoming new music preview day for bloggers like myself as invariably my inbox is on the receiving end of many pitches and submissions all jostling for consideration to be the next EQ Music Blog cover stars on New Music Friday. Hear this! I think every day not just, Friday are good days to be discovering new music. With that in mind meet newcomer Haiz who sent over her buzzy track called “Talking Sh*t”, last week and which I enjoyed very much.

It is always a worry when I see a song title with a symbol inserted in it, as it carries a risk of trying too hard to be cool, provocative, or worse gangster rap. Attaching a press photo with your pitch or music submission becomes beneficial to everybody not least the recipient. Remember, an image is as good an indicator of the style of music you are promoting, and it helps an artists visibility, improving your chances of piquing the attention of people like me, quicker. Having said all that, it turned out Haiz wasn’t the gangster rap type at all. Far from it, the style of the song and vocal is best compared to the plucky, sound of pop motormouth Lily Allen.

Talking sh*t” is the sophomore single for Haiz (real name Hannah MacLeod), and came out of writing sessions the Bristol raised teenager has been working on with longtime collaborator and producer Alex Bakker (who also worked on Billy Cullum’s debut album “Lonely Hearts Club“, released last year.) The track is the poppier of the two she has released to date. It is a fun track bubbling with effervescence, and a quirky edge. She was inspired to write the song after she was lied to by someone she trusted. In no uncertain terms, she makes her feelings known by eloquently raising the frosty, topic in the candid lyrics of the song. A ballsy, crowd-pleasing, chart-ready gem of this kind has the potential to go pop at a moments notice. This unapologetic track will leave you feeling ebullient and wanting more to come from star-in-the-making Haiz.

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