Sweden’s GRANT is pushing all the right buttons with her second track release of the year “Hell yes, I’m Betting On You.” I hadn’t picked up on her before. Until my eyes were instantly drawn to the striking press photo and equally intriguing press release which were sent over to me a few days ago. With regards to, influence and inspiration in the making of the track, mentions of Massive Attack and Bjork, also made me want, to check her out. It also felt, really, refreshing to hear a Scandinavian alt-pop offering as I haven’t engaged with one in quite a while.

Understandably most of us have been turning to music to become uplifted or connect with the emotions of the moment. The new one from GRANT neither slips into either of these territories. She uses an electronic-infused soundscape, not only as a way to explore the genre but to also push the sonic envelope on her most artistic endeavour to date.

While we all have our own ideas about love songs, and what we like and do not like. Speaking about the new song, GRANT reveals,

“I aspire to be a pragmatic romantic. I don’t, believe, in the idea of lifelong love, but, I do believe love can last a lifetime through belief and determination. Lyrically through the song, I wanted irony and sincerity to push and pull this point of view. My last single “Words” was very straightforward and conversational, whereas this is more of an internal battle. Cynicism getting fucked by hope. It was meant as a joke, but I really am dead serious.”

GRANT’s intelligent use soul-baring lyrics read like verses of contemporary poetry. A vibe which works well with the stylish, forward-thinking image she projects. With this in mind, we can be safely assured our eyes will not be met with, prettily decorated candy-coloured hearts and other cuteness. When looking at the music video, quite the reverse is seen in the Zoë Que directed clip. The footage is moodily lit and abstract, owing to the expressive choreography sequence the singer performs. The visual is more about conveying the deep fever-dream feelings found present in the lyrics.

GRANT does not play safe, she has a broad scope of ideas and lucky for me and you, she seems intent on exploring them further. I am struck by the feeling, she might keep us on the edge of our seats, in terms of jumping music lanes and such. On the whole, I think it just that which makes GRANT a thrilling prospect to keep watch over.

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