Vocalist, songwriter and producer triple-threats shouldn’t be so good at only fifteen years old, newcomer glaive is an anomaly, in this respect. That said I was buzzing with excitement after listening to the teen’s debut EP “cypress grove.” I am not in the least surprised that this youngster is starting to pick up coverage from the big music press outlets. Albeit that he is rather coy, with divulging any information about himself. Whether it is nonchalance or something other which is driving his desire for obscurity. glaive is more comfortable with revealing this blurb about himself, and us knowing he is the number one bossman, only.

The press release additionally fills us in, a touch further. Explaining glaive began making music at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, releasing his first song on Soundcloud in April. Mystery and enigma surround glaive, not least why Interscope Records have swooped on him so early and rushed out the release of the “cypress grove” EP so expediently. They are obviously of the opinion they have signed-up the latest pop upstart. After listening to glaive’s gritty indie-pop tracks, I think those assumptions are both wise and prudent.

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Taking into account the majority of the seven tracks on the EP come in at just under the two-minute marker does beg the question, were they intended as ideas only. Demo’s which somehow, when shared online, haven’t had time to develop into standard format full-songs? Or perhaps it’s a new trend among the kids, micro-songs? I see the release intended more suited for the purpose, as a brief, colourful introduction to the artist. The extended-release sweeps through a variety of styles, indie, glitch-pop, alternative electronic, a candy box of scrumptious music treat to my ears.

Listening to the EP felt like my brain was being lit up with fireworks of excitement. The analogue like glitch-pop which forms the track “pissed” rolls out as the most intoxicating hit of the lot. Indicating that in glaive we have a nonconforming, trendsetting maverick in our sights. Similarly with “dnd” glaive is characteristically and gleefully out-on-a-limb. But his style is so wavy, weird and cool, and I like it, tres much. Take it from me glaive is a ‘hot’ one for 2021. I’m of the feeling he’s going to blow up real quick, along with cool beat-making and hipster lyrics he’s got something of a special allure about him. I really do feel by writing about glaive this early, you’re hearing a new-music trend developing ahead of the curve.

Connect with Glaive
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Musician-Band/glaive-100993821749595/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/glaiv3
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1glaive/

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