I simply cannot get enough of this stunning debut track from Girl From The Moon, who wrote in and introduced herself to me recently. Girl From The Moon is Ashley Creighton from Phoenix, Arizona. She sent me over a preview of newly released single “Fast Machine“, and it perked up my ears within seconds of hitting the play button.

In her email, Ashley wrote and told me that she’d found EQ Music Blog through an emerging artists piece which I had written about REYNA and if I enjoyed their sweet fem-pop sounds, then I would find Girl From The Moon’s starry-eyed, nostalgia-tinged synthpop right up my alley. Ashley wasn’t wrong, I have been utterly entranced with “Fast Machine” and couldn’t wait to return from my annual leave to write about it.

I’ll always be a sucker for 80’s synth-pop and “Fast Machine“, has it all going on in abundance. The song has a joyously catchy melody which bubbles with an unrelenting feel-good grooviness. The track is a little gem which stood out with good production, songwriting and crafting from Ashley. It does a brilliant job of representing an emerging artist who is focused and has a direct vision of where the style of her music is going.

Fast Machine“, is the first taste of Girl From The Moon’s upcoming debut album “Space + Skin + Time“, the debut track certainly caught my attention. In my opinion, Girl From The Moon is an exciting, electronic pop prospect that will have people sitting up and taking some well-deserved notice all too soon once the album campaign gathers momentum.

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