Listen up, everyone. I’d like to announce I am officially in pop love with GION. It has been a whirlwind pop romance, for sure. We actually met less than a week ago. (Or should I say, I found out about his music only a few days ago). And GION is?… Well, he’s a Montreal based singer-songwriter who wrote in, introducing me to his latest track called “Ruin It For The Next One“. I instantly thought, oh, GION’s sent over a sad pop track. And I must confess I wasn’t feeling much like listening to sad pop songs the day GION’s email arrived. I dived in for a listen nonetheless and ended up being absolutely glad that I did.

What a brilliant piece of pop mastery “Ruin It For The Next One” is. GION’s lyrical prowess blew me away in seconds. His smooth and soulful voice strikes similarity with Lauv. And he has a hand-in on the production of the track as well. This kid has got talent in spades. In much the same way as JORDY does. Definitely, both artists work in the same kind of personal songwriting style. And are good with adding lots of vulnerability, which makes the music emotively superior and thoughtful.

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It feels rather odd being introduced to GION with this track, knowing it is the conclusion to a trilogy of EPs. So, let me fill you in with a brief recap of the ongoing storyline. It documents a singular, relationship that, when it ended, felt like the equivalent of the world ending.

He describes “Ruin It For The Next One” as being…

“provoked when two years after a breakup, I half-heartedly attempted a ‘date’ which left me feeling only sadder than being alone ever did. I realized that I was still under the impression that nobody can ever be better than who she was.”

I thought because of his youthful looks. The song might be written about finding love on the rebound. Two years after the breakup and still in deep, with thoughts about his ex. What an honest guy for sharing this with us.

Because of being part of a concept body of work, I checked out a couple of the previously released tracks and now have an appetite for more. I will certainly dive in with all of the EP’s released to date when I next have some quiet time to myself over the holidays.

I meant what I said at the beginning of this post, I am in full-on GION obsession mode.

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