Readers of this music blog will know that as much as electronic pop rocks my world, as one of my most favoured music styles. I also enjoy exploring different genres and discovering new artists as well. For instance, I recently discovered Ghostryder, an LA-based independent artist making waves in the indie-pop and singer-songwriter genres. After I stumbled upon his tracks, I was instantly blown away. It only took a few songs for me to become a new fan.

Lately, I have really enjoyed the work of this up-and-coming artist, particularly after giving the debut EP, “Why,” (which came out last year) a listen. It became clear to me from the outset there is something worth checking out in Ghostryder’s music for fans of Leland, JORDY, and Greyson Chance.

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The focus of his work has now shifted from writing for others to his own solo project. This year he is concentrating on growing his artistry in earnest with more new music offerings. His latest release, “Ghostme,” is a powerful reflection, an unflinching look at the aftermath of a breakup. As he recovers from being heartbroken, his lyrics and vocals capture the raw emotions of the experience.

“Now I don’t know what took you so long. Damn we were so close, but still so far. So hung up on the things you say. I wanna drown your taste in gatorade. I’ll give you .5 seconds to rest your case before you go… you go ghost me,” he sings

Ghostryder’s music is emotionally moving and demonstrates his considerable talent as a solo artist. The way he blends modern sounds and profound narratives in his music is a simply brilliant display of his undeniable talent and is proof positive, that he is a rising star in the music industry.

As an artist just beginning to realize his full potential with songs like “Ghostme“, Ghostryder is most assuredly set to make an immediate impression. I highly recommend taking a listen to his music. I assure you, it won’t disappoint.

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