I have a very, good feeling about this hot new act called Germano. He’s instantly got me on-side and singing his praises by way of his soft electronic-pop song “Lost Crowd“. It is quite unusual for me to become so excitable about an emerging artist by listening to just the one track alone. I prefer to have at least two tracks as I feel this gives a better idea about an acts vision and artistic intent. It also allows me to form a more observed opinion and not make silly claims, like,’the new electronic pop messiah has arrived’. When the follow-up single could very well sound completely different. Because of trying to define a signature sound.

Germano is neither, another soul-pop crooner or a future-forward R’n’B electronic act. Which is a good thing, because I’ve had my fair fill of being approached with tracks which sound like that at present. Instead, the debut is mellow and melodically dreamy. With “Lost Crowd” I feel Germano has gone the extra mile. Thought long and hard about the direction he wants his music to go in. In doing so, he has turned in a gem. If I am going compare his style to anyone, Troye Sivan is the first name which springs to mind. This is because there are similarities in both artists gentle, lilting vocal styles, and the dreaminess of the music.

I really like the accompanying music video as well, it is rather good at conveying the theme which runs through the song. Of feeling lost by not being in control of your own life. “This song is a celebration of that contradicting feeling” Germano, explains. I wouldn’t have in any way imagined, Brazil by way of LA music to sound another thing other than steered by very dancey beats. That Germano’s chosen a path to go down is that of coming-of-age pop feels somewhat unique if you ask me. In the age of streaming, I’d happily pay some coins to own a physical copy of this track. The forthcoming “Lost Crowd” EP option also sounds like an equally, enticing prospect.

Connect with Germano
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/germanomusic
Twitter: @germanoblanco
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/germanoblanco/