There are those people who could argue Georgi Kay isn’t an emerging artist at all, but seeing as her debut album is about to drop on November 2nd, I beg to differ with this opinion. To be fair, the LA-based, British-Australian singer-songwriter has accrued an ARIA award, APRA awards and a Grammy nomination for her part on the Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl, 2012 track “In My Mind” (Axwell Mix.) Written original titles for film and TV. Not settled on these successes, a change was to come. Beginning work on debut album “Where I go to Disappear” she immersed herself in the world of synths, looping and electronic drums. If you are now asking yourselves what does this mean to EQ Music Blog. Well, it means we are interested to see where Georgi takes this new electronic path in her evolving music making, adventure.

Far from taking a lead, from the EDM style of electronic-pop, she has been previously involved with. The style Georgi is currently plumping for leans towards the dark side of the sonic pop spectrum. It is a realm which allows you to explore raw and honest sentiments, and create evocative soundscapes, often around poignant and moving topics, such as loneliness. From sharing her political thoughts to revealing deep-seated emotions. The hazy, sonically embedded sound clings to the breathy tonality of Georgi’s voice. For the most part, you should find her style, both melodic and vocally, chilling, yet enchanting.

I really wanted to single out the current track “Toxins” because the song is filled with deep vocals and the kind of haunting melody which sticks to that part of your brain that traps sultry, hypnotic pop music. Georgi cites it as one of her favourites, and I have to agree, the song definitely, has a magnetic pull about it. It is thoughtful and appealing. As an artist, she knows the path from sparse sonics to lush, rhythmic theatrics, which I care to think, position her rather neatly at the forefront of this style of contemporary electronic-pop.

The album “Where I Go To Disappear” is released 2nd November – purchase here

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