British singer-songwriter George Rose has released an EP which he’s titled up as “Searching” (demos). I feel it prudent to point out this is not his debut effort, since he does, however, have a penchant for giving quirky titles to his work. In 2020 the newcomer launched with the “You’re Not Worth an Album so Here’s an EP” EP. Is George Rose really being brutally open, writing with no filter? Or it is that he is giving us a dollop of his sarcastic British humour? On the surface, conclusions could be drawn that George is indeed serving up the latter. When the reality is, he is serving cold hard truths one after another as anyone else might dish up a three-course meal.

This isn’t a style which George has merely explored because of being in lockdown. The London based singer-songwriter has been creating in this way long before the pandemic began. Although I dare say, he’s had some extra time to dig a little deeper lyrically during the last year. EP title track “Searching” is a mix of raw, honest soul searching about his state of wellbeing, encased in a shimmering backdrop of sonically alluring synths. I don’t know if George Rose has got religion, but I reckon that he’s using sonic, dreamy synths as a way of calling out to the universe, all the same.

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The tracks on the “Searching” EP chalk up relatable discussions about how isolation and the pandemic have affected our mental wellness. A subject which is best left not ignored just like the thought-provoking track itself. Because it is melodically strong, yet so soothing and affecting. And the lyrics will certainly resonate with anyone feeling the bite of tough times. Despite all else, George Rose manages to remain playful with his music-making. Has held-together enough to release this timely, melancholy pop masterpiece. George has endearing charm as a songwriter which draws you in, once you’ve had a taste of the earnest narratives, lush and soothing soundscapes and you’ll stay put luxuriating in them.

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