Like most weeks, some submissions come with EPK’s attached while others bid to pique my interest with a solitary preview link. flyckt was presented to me via the latter. Sometimes this can be the best approach to getting noticed. I always know there is something more to the story when a publicist fires me over a link, first. I had no prejudgement about the flyckt track “Love Is Overrated,” I was hit by a wave of intrigue upon checking out the dark pop, indie synth track. It wasn’t until release day arrived, and I found the press release had been snuck into my inbox as promised. I learned that flyckt was the lead singer for the now-disbanded Swedish group Urban Cone.

I have covered Urban Cone for the blog. I recall the music style being reasonably upbeat and chirpy and synth-pop leaning, in parts. In his solo project (Rasmus) flyckt begins by going several shades darker, musically. The mood is guided by brooding beats and a booming bassline. Stabbing piano chords assist with creating a tidal wave of dramatic and emboldened melody. The lyrics are raw and exposing, as the day they were first written. flyckt admits this undertaking to be a scary and vulnerable process at times.

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The track “Love Is Overrated” was written after the dissolving of Urban Cone. Coinciding with the break-up of a relationship. A period of trauma which needed to be processed but instead of calling up a therapist, flyckt went down the self-help route, by writing songs about these experiences and feelings. He was clearly in an emotional place where darkness ruled for a time. The track leads us to form the impression, feelings of hurt had built up, I highly suspect the importance of penning this track became the catalyst for moving on.

I am glad flyckt decided to run with this idea, hasn’t toned down the brutal honesty in the lyrics. Retained the moodiness albeit for a few brief flashes of euphoric uplift. The overall creative direction of “Love Is Overrated” signifies that he has moved away from the catchy pop of Urban Cone. That exciting dark pop, experiments lie ahead. Innovate, your heart out flyckt, this sound is arresting, palette cleansing and very addictive.

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