You heard it here first. This week is going to be a good week for pop. And with any luck, I am going to be extremely, busy attempting to keep up with the incoming tide of electronic, pop and indie-pop releases. Right now though, I’d like to tip you the wink about 19-year-old Norwegian artist-producer newcomer & creative talent fijitrip and his great little debut EP called “Tech.” I’ve had my ears wrapped around this release for weeks, having been given an early listen. Let me tell you now, I am very excited by how big in, significance this lads music can grow.

It is not often that I am presented with an EP which keeps me locked in and riveted. I’ll tell you plainly why I am hugely exhilarated by fijitrip’s work. It has a lovely nonconformist feel to it. This young talent more than dabbles in experimentally led electronica, he positively revels in sitting on the outside edge of the genre. The six-track EP is flushed through with pop sensibilities yet, is bristling with plenty of interesting styles and textures. While the underlying current of the release creates an enveloping, sonically emotive soundscape. It is the Norwegian’s soft, silky voice which resonates throughout the mini-album. His vocals are largely affecting because, there is a distinctive, juxtaposition with the hook-ridden artistry formed in these, glitchy electronica masterpieces.

It is a hard task for me to pinch out a favourite moment from the EP because of how it twists and turns. It is at it’s dreamiest with opening and closing tracks “Frail” and “MadebyMachines,” sandwiched in between, offerings “New$hoes,” “Not Like,” and “Supermario” carry torchlike influence, inspired of current pop acts like The 1975 and Sufjan Stevens. I would even push as far as, semi-concluding he’s like the boy version of Charli XCX. As an electronic pop inventor fijitrip resides in his own lane. I feel pretty blessed, actually, that he’s allowed us to have a glimpse into his very listenable, cool, electronic-pop world.

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