Photo: Jen Painter

Off the back of just listening to the freshly released new track “Got Me Movin’” all pointers are towards the positive with regard to New York pop newcomer Evvy.

One other point of notice which added to the intrigue of listening out to this new artist came from the tip-off that Evvy has been collaboratively working with NY producer Mickey Valen, who I recently became aware of through Noosa another of our recently featured dazzingly good Emerging Artists.

Joined by fellow NY producer (Chris Wallitisch) better known as The King, the trio present “Got Me Movin’” an upbeat, synth soaked and fluttery tune.

There is much we can detect from this especially melodic pop offering, ace production, dreamily honeyed vocals, a peppering of soul and indie pop direction which shoot up infectiously together in a very promising manner to deliver a genuinely, very good listening experience.

Armed with the knowledge that Evvy’s entire upcoming debut album has also been overseen by the production team of Mickey Valen and The King, has us most looking forward to hearing more from what appears thus far to be, one of our new for the win dream-team of up-and-coming synth-pop makers.