Although I have checked in with the competitors and the goings-on regularly. In my opinion, I feel it a fair comment to make, there is a rise in Eurovision entries taking their cues from the previous years winners. In this instance, the Italian rock band Måneskin. I am, however, a proud champion of European pop, still. There is always something or someone rising through the ranks worth talking about (competition aside). A rising French star, Eugénie blends alternative pop and bedroom sounds with a sleek, compelling aesthetic. A newcomer whose music I have listened to quite a lot lately.

The latest infectious offering from Eugénie is the track “4D“. It is a song with an appealing dark, danceable pop vibe. “4D” is more interesting than most dance-pop releases because her voice appears to have a haunting presence on the track. The seductive tone of the song has the sensibility of Britney, albeit a sleek, sophisticated version of the Princess of pop. After gaining the early support of Radio 1 and tastemakers, the chanteuse seems to be on a fast track to success.

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I really like the hypnotic-like beats and pounding bassline of “4D“. When paired with the airy wisp of her vocal, produces a beguiling mix of dancefloor hedonism met with alternative stylings. In this song, there are elements of retro and trance-like states before it hits this place. It really has a lot of layers going into it.

The lyrical narrative of the track explores negotiating online relationships, and the desire to take a leap into the next dimension, (being a reality). “Blow your kisses on me. There ain’t no VR highs. Only true fantasies. Don’t be a tease,” she tantalizes.

4D” held my attention. While a lot of other dance-pop music, does not.

I am drooling over this offering a little bit, and I wouldn’t mind hearing some more of what Eugénie has to offer.

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