Epique 5

First up, Epique is someone who knows how to push the right buttons in crafting out pristine engineered dance orientated EDM. Secondly, Epique is also the alter ego production project of burgeoning Philadelphia tunesmith Ari Leff, who during the last couple of years turned his handiwork in learning to style high energy remixes of current charting hits.

Skills learned, the tables turn to concentrate upon original material, and it rolls out in the superb form of pulsatingly alluring “Relapse Love”.

As similar emerging artists, Cash Cash, Timeflies and The Knocks may pretty much have a strong hold on the American EDM scene as current, well at least in my view. There is also absolutely no doubting the potential that Epique shows via the beat juicy and dynamically arranged “Relapse Love” that if given the appropriate backing behind him, that the name of Epique could suit within their ranks.

Even though it is early days, Epique certainly appears to have the know-how and the touch that might possibly take him to the big time, or at the very least to a more prominent standing within the genre.