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With new music acts coming to light at an accelerating rate of late, it really does appear that the state of flux that hung over the new music industry for a time, is at last abating.

A healthy glow and revitalized energy is bringing forward a notable intake of new artists coming to the fore which means the new artist sector is once again, becoming some way reflective towards the hive of activity that it was a few years ago.

This being so, is there a better time to be grasping the opportunity by the horns and seeking out a career in pop?

London-by-way-of-Perth-Australia, newcomer Emmi surely thinks so, as she has quite noticeably been making her presence known in the world of pop. During the past few months at least, Emmi has been mapping her intentions with impressively impacting releases. She’s already won Taylor Swift onside as a high profile fan and it’s easy to see why when you at first allow Emmi’s impressionably powering vocals to envelope you with their eclectically confident sensibilities.

There is a quite a distinctive soulful tone which tremors from Emmi’s vocal, which as well as harboring the capability to melt butter, will definitely percolate a multitude of fluttery feelings inside.

There is no questioning of why Emmi is gaining ground in popularity because she has everything of bigger player potential oozing out of her dynamic powerhouse presence. Given that Emmi has that same Sia quality about her, which really goes some way to prove a most favourable asset.

Further affirmation of Emmi’s ascent in pop comes in new single “You Said You Loved Me”. A full-on dynamite spectacle of on point vocal prowess and epic pop stance meeting their artistic match.

Tracks like this get you noticed! Thing is Emmi is quite garnering up a few of them in her armory.

A big future ahead of her appears a certain. Going on the strength of “You Said You Loved Me”, Emmi has gone up another gear, so it is with some confidence that it can be assumed there is plenty more impacting releases to come. They are awaited now by us, in hot anticipation!