dylan_hyde 1

The chances of making it in pop, appear on the right side of good when it comes to the subject of our latest EQ Emerging Artist, since the exact young man in question, Dylan Hyde can be counted as one whose certainly begun to make some headway into Impacting upon the pop scene, already this year. I can quite see that it’s not going to stop here.

Firstly in as much as, the aspiring 18 year old pop star from out of San Diego, has accrued for himself Youtube sensation status and now has a management team and a half behind him, in the guise of Johnny Wright and Shawn Campbell. Should the name Johnny Wright not ordinarily strike a chord if I further enlighten, we are talking the management name that has launched such globally successful acts as New Kids On The Block, *NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys and The Jonas Brothers, you will instantly become aware of how big a concern this is.

So in pointing us towards new talent in the form of Dylan Hyde really does conjure up a future of all good possibilities.

I think in time to come we could be literally taken to swooning over ourselves when the name Dylan Hyde is mentioned, not only because he’s cute to look at and can get down with the moves, but more importantly recognised by his slick R’n’B vocal tones which are carried with boundless potential and command. So much so that we’d have no inclination that Dylan is affected by hearing loss.

To his credit thus far, Dylan’s finished up a tour with Justin Timberlake and debuted his first single “Sick Of Your Love”, which acts as some indication into the material Dylan and team have been working on in putting together the debut album. As with his management’s contemporaries before him, Wright’s newest Protégé falls fluidly into the WEG (Wright Entertainment Group) bloodline of urban embraced pop.

Like Austin Mahone and Shawn Mendes before him, I am quite expectant of Dylan Hyde to be accountable as one of the more notable names to emerge from the teen scene, as this year progresses. I also have an inkling I might go super cray for his debut album, I just pray when it is ready that it might not take so long to arrive with the UK as the Nick Jonas one, we’re still waiting on.