The search for the new face of pop never lets up. As soon as the tastemakers latest favourite hits the big time. The hunt for their next successor begins once more. Keeping, the pop scene fresh by injecting it with new blood. Makes for keeping everything healthier in the long run. With his debut release “Burning Bridges” out today. Could Django Stewart be the latest newcomer about to cause some disruption, on the new music scene (in a good, way?)

Big hint. One peep at the promo shot and cover art for the single was all it took for me to be overcome with a rush of excitement. Appearing smoky, moody with a Michael Hutchence like smouldering gaze. Django looks like a pop star, who would swagger when they walk. Have the power to turn heads when entering a room, etc. Without a doubt, the pop star presence shines out. What about the music? It’s dreamily, good. Contemporary, soulful, evocative with definite pop sensibilities. The debut single “Burning Bridges” is on-brand with the current disco renaissance. Not so much gleaming that we’d be blinded by the glitterball effect. The release is decorated in the subtle shades of midnight, violet and moonlight. Lighting up the twilight zone of the dancefloor.

Django comments; “‘The track is about being in a relationship that’s dying, and subsequently falling in love with someone else. I was in the Bahamas when I was sent the beat. Me and Tyler (Aubrey,) who features on the track, danced around talking about crushes and wrote the whole thing in a heartbeat.”

The gorgeous music video which has been released in support of the track is directed by the renowned Sophie Muller, (Beyonce, Rihanna, Dido and MARINA.) She has captured the intimacy of the track while giving us a tantalising glimpse of what to expect from Django in the coming months. This debut is tastefully executed in all facets. I’m, absolutely salivating, for the next, juicy drop of emotively, hued disco-pop from Django Stewart to blossom online. (As I’m hoping this is the style he’ll, be keeping on trend with.)

I wanted this post first, and foremost focusing on Django but, it is hard not to mention the famous parents. Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama & Shakespeares Sister.) Their pop prince has done, good, with his solo debut release “Burning Bridges.” I imagine, is what they’ll both be saying, today.

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