Are you on the hunt for new music? Look no further than Django James, an exciting new artist who seamlessly blends dark pop, alternative, pop-rock, and indie. With a bold yet introspective approach to songwriting, Django’s musical artistry is equally well-crafted and supremely honed. His debut track, “The City,” is a testament to his uncompromised artistic vision and unique style. 

While the track shares similarities with The Killers in its pop and indie-rock aesthetic, it is  Django’s unabashedly queer artistry takes it to the next level. The powerful lyrical narrative of “The City” explores themes of love, acceptance, and identity. Thus making it a must-listen for anyone looking for music that speaks to the heart. Plus, the bold music video is a celebration of queerness in all forms. And makes Django James an artist to watch for those who especially value authenticity and inclusivity.

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Besides “The City,” Django just followed up with another brand new track “Let It Slide.” In this track, he examines the complexities of love, as he professes his love in a very forgiving way of his love interests playing the field. “I’ll let it slide,” Django exclaims as he flips the conversation into an outpouring of love and lust in equal measure. Django provides a refreshing and unique perspective on the topic. It’s a very relatable queer theme that many people can connect with and one that he explores in a very tender and honest way. 

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The singles are from the upcoming debut album, “Good Boy.” A collection of tracks promising diverse soundscapes met with poetic lyricism. Lyrical narratives that encapsulate a personal journey equally transformative and evocative. 

Django James exhibits an impressive edge. After checking out “The City” and “Let It Slide” at the very least, has him stand out as a name you won’t forget.

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