Here’s a little information from the back end of the music blogging world. When a publicist sends over a press release. Often in good pitches, the artist’s bio and a blurb about the music are preceded by relevant quotes aimed at grabbing the attention of music bloggers. For instance. A statement such as, “‘X’ artist is poised to be a star” might be used, or something more descriptive but equally glowing instead. Having just watched the video for the track “Hey Cowboy” by Devon Cole. I have furthermore come away, of the conclusion. The quote from EQ Music Blog I would like considered for inclusion in her next press release would be this. This song and video are (to coin a well-used Popjustice phrase) “amazing!”

In my opinion. In “Hey Cowboy,” Devon Cole, an alt-pop singer-songwriter from Toronto releases only the second funniest song of 2022 so far. (The other hilarious pop belter? Obviously, “Dance Away The Pain” by Number One Popstar).

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In this song, Devon embraces her unabashed affection for cowboys. Commenting,

“I love songs that are a little flirty, a lot flirty. It’s downright fun to own my sexual appetite and sing freely about it.”

I absolutely love everything about this song. How quirky and openly cheeky it is. It is a bona fide tonic, giving pleasure by the bottleful. Demonstrating her lyrical prowess as a pure joy to behold

“Love the way you look at me. Blow me like a tumbleweed. Hold me down and wrangle me. Tie me up and set me free,” is just one illuminating example of Cole’s rip-roaring penmanship.

It is an all too rare occurrence these days, that I also adore a music video equally as much as the song. Oh how I am enjoying everything about “Hey Cowboy“. Namely because it is wholly enjoyable to witness how she compliments razor-sharp wit with a fun-loving dose of playful sass. Of the greater importance moreover, the cowboys she gets to party with do exude something of an extraness about them. In that, they are openly living their best queer lives.

Music videos in support of a track can evoke various heightened emotions, some of which are provocative, others subtle and poignant. To this end, nevertheless, a watch of the clip for “Hey Cowboy” however, will leave you nothing but empowered.

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