Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the many tips, submissions and pitches I receive that alert me to new music acts. Even so, when an opportunity presents, I still delight in making music discoveries of my own. For instance, when I was in my social media feeds recently, I noticed a sponsored post about David Green. Whereas, many times I would typically scroll past without giving the ad a second thought. Something was alluring about David Green that made me stop and look. Without reservation, I felt drawn to the bleached blonde LA-based electro-pop artist dressed in pink dungarees, cooking up a storm in the promotional clip shared.

Almost instantaneously, discovery mode kicked in with me. I began clicking through every link I found mustering up as much information as I could. The piano-led electro-pop track with heat-on-sleeve lyrics “Close Again” brought me to David Green. I stayed transfixed by his music the very second I clapped my ears at the lyrical storytelling he uses in his songs. It was that I noticed the authentic and endearing tones David writes in, in the track “Close Again,” and at once felt connected to his songwriting style and musical artistry.

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In my discovery session, I found out the release of his debut album, “Happy Tears,” is planned for summer of 2023. This is a reveal that undoubtedly signals more songs are on the way from him. In fact, a few days ago, he released a new song “Under the Covers“. A song about getting to know someone intimately. It is an evocative track that shares a swaggering groove when paired with David’s soft, captivating vocals and establishes a sense of vulnerability and yearning in equal measures.

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As an artist, David Green grows every time he releases a new song and shows versatility. Despite his newcomer status in pop, the authentic vibe he uses in his music exudes potential. At this time, undoubtedly, he is an artist in development. Yet, I feel his music story will not stop here.

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