This riddim is hot! These were the exact words which tumbled out of my mouth after tuning into the track “ASOS” from LA newcomer Dava. Sharing trippy visuals and hypnotic beats, by way of the debut release through Disruptor Records had me curious about her. One play down, I instantly felt like I needed answers to questions like, who is Dava? How come she got inked with Sony’s, Disruptor Records so quick? What other stuff has she had out? While also being equally content immersing myself into the slinky groove and catchy flow of the song.

Apart from waiting out being in lockdown, Dava’s been sitting on new material she’s been keen to roll out. Given that, I’ve just become spellbound by the silky-fresh, freestylin’ slickness of “ASOS.” I immediately understand how heavy going these past few months must have been having being required to keep these hot beats back a little longer than might have been planned for.

Dava strikes me as being as uber-cool as Dev was when we were first introduced to the LA rapper and singer, back in the day. There are some definite comparisons to be made between the two artists. Both have a very cool style of vocal delivery. Team this voice with hip-hop turned beats, and a splash of trap sensibilities it makes for a rich and vibrant brand of, spacey future-pop.

Speaking on the release, Dava states:
“I’ve learned how to come from a place of self-love and curiosity. All I wanted to do was make things that my friends and I thought were cool. It felt like the right time to get serious.”

I am pinning my hopes on some more vibey tracks from Dava, arriving soon. “ASOS” feels like the kind of track which is ripe to cast a spell on the music scene. If I were to get my crystal ball out and check out what she’ll be up to in a couple of years from now. I’m hedging a bet she will be properly, impacting the music industry. Stirring up a melting pot and breathing fresh flavour in pop.

Connect with Dava
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notdava
Twitter: https://twitter.com/notdava
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/notdava/

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