I am so grateful to the universe that it listened to my plea and that a great electronic pop track from Darla Jade track found its way to me this week. Having observed her music being picked up by Radio1. And growing tastemaker support. The electro-pop singer-songwriter, born and bred in Stoke-On-Trent, is someone I have wanted to check out for a while now. So this weekend, I shut myself away for some peace and solitude for a few hours and made sure I got to know the music of Darla Jade better.

From my listening session, I discovered that I really liked her authentic songwriting style. The lyrics are dripping with thoughtfulness and emotive sensibilities where she covers topics around her own life experiences. (And that she rarely deviates away from this style.) More often than not, the music itself radiates with delightful shimmering synths. I am not the first to say this, but the melodic music style she has chosen to work in exudes a noticeable Scandinavian style of pop presence. Where artists such as, Sigrid, Dagny and Anna of the North are the one’s Darla Jade finds herself compared with the most.

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The little inflexions of her voice seen in the chorus sections of her latest track, “Can’t Run Forever,” remind me of Sigrid’s singing style most.

She discusses the third single from her upcoming sophomore EP, due later this year.

Darla Jade explained: “I had a lot going on last year. I realised that I tend to bottle up my feelings and essentially just run away from my issues. So this song is about me addressing that and trying to get myself to ‘just face it’ as it all ‘catches up eventually.”

My mind starts to speculate about which music acts to keep an eye on in the months ahead this time of year. The music world isn’t overflowing with electro-pop releases at the moment. Boo! However, Darla Jade shows much promise and has me excited about her music. If you enjoy electro-pop and don’t immediately fall in love with Darla and her track “Can’t Run Forever.” It is not my intention to be rude when I say, “There is something seriously wrong with you.”

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