In the on-going hunt for inspirational emerging artists who are about offering something a little different from the ordinary, I found a good dose of creative thinking in Dan Lancaster’s debut song “Move a Mountain” this last new music Friday. The press release I’ve been sent over closes with the statement, “With “Move a Mountain“, Lancaster is stepping out of the studio and is about to give you a different perspective on UK pop music. Prepare to have your tastes shifted as 2018 marks the start for one of the UK’s most exciting solo acts.”

To tell the truth, I usually take such claims with a pinch of salt. However, Dan Lancaster is a Grammy-nominated producer who has written, produced and mixed eight Radio 1 A-Listed records and worked with 5 Seconds Of Summer, Fickle Friends as well as others. There had to be a grain of truth in this statement, which naturally led to my intrigue to find out more.

It becomes clear the minute when listening through the song a range of influences has come together in its making. The track starts off in the subtlest of ways with, almost whispery electronic production and smokey vocoder vocals. Yet as the title of the song suggests you are fed with the feeling there is, movement in sound afoot. There is quite a spectacular gear change as the electronic slowing building verse section merges into the chorus. Then wham, a snappy burst of pop-rock breaks the mood in the most dramatic of entrances. That this works so seamlessly is a great testament to Dan’s skills and master crafting. “Move a Mountain” is certainly, the kind of track to start people talking. It has, impact, and dynamic and comes out strong, as modern and engaging pop on many levels. Dan Lancaster certainly appears to have the know-how and the touch that might possibly take him to the big time, not as a producer/collaborator to others but under the guise as a solo artist.

Get your tickets for Dan’s debut headline show at Oslo, Hackney London on 16th October, general-sale begins 9am, 10th August, 2018

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