You might be aware of Conan Gray already because he is a prominent YouTube personality and vlogger. However, since completing his schooling, he is armed with a renewed focus which has prompted him to push forward with a music career. He released “Sunset Season” as his debut EP last year, and people such as i-D have begun calling him the king of sad boy pop. The introductory effort has painted him as the male equivalent of Billie Eilish, but Conan’s primary influence lies with Lorde. (He recently, told Billboard in an interview.)

During recent months things have started to heat up with the youngster again. The release of new tracks “Comfort Crowd” and “Maniac” put Conan in line as one to watch, through 2020. The former of the two tracks, music video has achieved over a million plays on YouTube, notably because the clip features footage of the young artist killing and burying himself in an earthy grave. Being that the track’s narrative alludes to binning off an old version of himself and starting again from scratch. It is still somewhat a broody track, to be fair, yet the songwriting is particularly skilful. The narrative is paved with good intentions and acts as a strong tool for channelling his emotions. Additionally, Vevo DSCVR thinks we are going to be hearing lots more about Conan in 2020, so has commissioned some cool live footage as a part of their Vevo DSCVR Artists to Watch 2020.

My preference lies with the track “Maniac” because it has a harder hitting pop vibe than the majority of his previous material. I also detect some pulsing synths, which make me happier still. The track wouldn’t be true to Conan’s style however if, a freakish, element failed to materialise. He has thought this out already. And see’s us right on this account with a very, creepy Halloween themed music video, which he is dedicating to his psycho exes. Plus it also means that the singer can keep on throwing us moody, glowering looks. Purely because he’s a millennial kid and that’s the vibe.

I must say, I’ve very much enjoyed the live performance clips of these latest tracks. My hope is, going forward Conan might feel it prudent to feature more of his newfound pop sensible stylizing. If in future holds, taking more leaps into the electronic-pop sphere. Conan Gray will have a brand new eager listener in me.

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