Australian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chymes knows that in creating an impression, you don’t necessarily have to go for the hard-hitting approach. To her merit, her musicality, and softer-edged music-making is dreamy and melodically pleasing. Her voice, sweetly angelic and haunting. It is these gentle ways that have the power to captivate and connect with an audience. I know when I was introduced to the singer’s current track “GITY,” I immediately drifted away to an oasis of soothing calm and exquisiteness.

Looking at Chymes, she’s kinda cute and adorable, it is when she sings that she turns into a temptress reeling listeners in with her beautiful, graceful sirens call. If a song rang out across the galaxies, speeding through the universe, I would really hope that it would be as alluring and timeless as “GITY” (Give It To You.)

GITY is about trying to be everything for someone. Trying to show someone you can be there, look after them, give them whatever they need. And, maybe it’s not the best thing. The song is kind of like a plea for help. When you’re holding on, waiting for someone to let you in but you’re just giving yourself away to someone who won’t let you get close to them”, explains Chymes.

I know that with the current pandemic sweeping across the world, I have been listening to lots of uplifting music to help with keeping me in a positive state of mind. In a crisis, we also need delicate and tender grooves to promote and balance out our wellness as well. This is not the way Chymes intended the track to be interpreted nor used, however, to be able to seek solace and comfort in something as her emotive, pure voice is a restorative for the soul. For the total time, I spent listening to this track, the world stopped turning, outside noise was cancelled out, and I was lost in these blissful vibes. Shame I had to come crashing back down to earth.

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