It is hard to find impressive electronic pop newcomers at the moment. Therefore, I am focusing my attention on the indie-pop genre. The Plymouth-raised singer-songwriter Chris Linton to be exact, who has had some success in the EDM genre in the past. Chris Linton has a quite interesting back story. While in active service in the Royal Navy, he was also releasing music. Notably appearing on the formidable Lost Sky collaboration “Fearless Pt II.” His focus is now solely on music only since he left service last year.

A multi-genre artist. (He has experimented with folk, pop and EDM styles.) Despite uncertainty about his long-term sound. Chris has caught my ear because of fully embracing indie pop in his latest release, “Anyway.” The empowering track examines social anxiety around extreme competitive instincts. “Every ones expectations are set so high. We can’t deal with the idea of letting anyone down. (Not even ourselves). Admittedly, I am my own worst critic,” he says.

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“‘Anyway’, is my way of embracing my imperfections. Singing out aloud. That I know I will get lost. I will fall, and will make mistakes, but that’s okay. I want to champion the ideology of imperfection. Since at the end of the day, we are only human after all.”

It is this honesty I am in admiration of. We need to get behind the flaunt the imperfection, ethos more. It is more beautiful to be unique, I say. The song lyrics are definitely resonating with me. Especially so because the track features a sing-along melody. Thus the song veers into an anthem which in turn sees it become stuck in the head more.

There is something extra about this release that I am particularly in admiration of. It is that “Anyway” will feature a TikTok campaign. With the idea this song to encourage introverted musicians to break out of their comfort zones. Chris will busk in remote, unusual locations. (Empty Beaches, Industrial Estates, Farming Fields) In order to assist putting musicians at ease as they take their first steps into the world of performance.

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