You might already know of Chris Jobe for causing a splash last year with his quirky track “Thank You Internet.” The catchy song about our obsession with social media, and appearing as though we are living our best lives through our posts, etc. When released the track was understandably the subject of viral buzz. When selected by Facebook as, artist of the day, the play count on the unknown Nashville based singer-songwriters video soared to over a million views. Essentially the song poked a bit of fun but really took off, consequently helping Chris Jobe to get his music seen.

Following his wacky yet memorable introduction. The multi-faceted emerging artist sets out to prove some further credibility, and that he’s setting the tone, slightly more seriously on future releases. As a multi-instrumentalist who writes produces, and plays all of his own music. He really does have a lot of creativity to draw upon. I was stoked to hear about Chris Jobe’s new single “Lonely Lives” since it has such an alluring pop vibe coupled with intelligent lyrics. Although still manages to maintain an element of humour which comes to light in the song’s accompanying video.

What a relief to hear about another chap who is taking his music down the pop route when the majority of fellas around him are turning to a very soulful edged style, in preference. The pop genre does have a tendency to dominated by female vocalists, especially during the past few years. It’s a balance which definitely needs to be addressed. I encourage Chris to stick with this style. It suits him. And, I wholeheartedly, favour the sensitive, heart-on-his-sleeve edge he brings to the music.

I am also enjoying how the songs are brought to life in his dynamic music videos. The clip for “Lonely Lives” begins with the same incidental music recently featured in the Allie X visual for “Super Sunset” single “Not So Bad in LA.” His performance in the video clip is very engaging / animated throughout. Music is really being used as a form of expression by the singer, his tracks are not merely, melodically catchy, alone. What is great to note about Chris Jobe is that he is putting some substance into the pop world. I’m sure when you listen to the track and watch the music video, you’ll be as taken by him as I am.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisjobemusic/