Every once in a while, an artist comes along with an innovative streak I can’t help but to stop and appreciate, none more so than Australian emerging artist Aimee Chambers. OMG, I exclaimed as I watched through Chmbrs video for debut single “Rabbit Hole“, this sheila is like the female version of Puzzle, our friend in dark electronic pop.

Chmbrs has a strong artistic aesthetic which I think is needed to push forward the profound style of electronic pop she’s introducing us to with “Rabbit Hole“. There hasn’t been a lady who I’ve found to be so exciting a prospect as I consider Chmbrs could be, in a long time.

I love the authenticity of this debut effort. It is mesmerising and compelling in both audio and visual. Because of certain clues in the video, I think we can assume that she might be a Sia fan.

An EP titled, “Exordium” is on its way from Chmbrs, “Rabbit Hole“, acts as the first taste of it. Chmbrs vocals are every bit as dramatic as the brooding synths and striking visual production. It’s high time Australia pulled up its boots and gave us a female electronic pop musician to get excited about as much as Sarah Blasko and Bertie Blackman has done in the past. By my reckoning, Chmbrs looks likeliest to be the next Aus pop electronic female artist to join the illustrious list.

Connect with Chmbrs
Twitter: @chmbrsmusic