So far, in 2023, many stereotypical pop newcomers are rising up. Yet, Charlotte Plank is not one of them. Duly because the Black Butter Records signee is a singer-songwriter-producer taking inspiration from a diverse mix of artists, including Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, and dance stars Fourtet and Prodigy. And yet when dipping her toe into different genres, everything Charlotte cooks up is suitably fresh sounding and excellently executed. Most notably, at the moment, Charlotte is one of the least stereotypical new artists around. An exciting music proposition since no one can ever be sure where the music will go next.

Alongside acts such as Venbee, Piri, and Willow Kayne, Charlotte is part of a new wave of drum ‘n’ bass revivalists. A collective known as LOUD LDN, a group of female and non-binary musicians on the rise.

However, readers will notice only minimal dance music coverage appears on EQ Music Blog. That said, on the latest track, “White Noise,” Charlotte uses a hybrid pop sound too, tantalizing to ignore. Noticeably, this is a style which creates mainstream pop-crossover possibilities.

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Speaking about the song, Charlotte explains…

“It’s about being stuck in a cycle with someone who constantly uses the same excuses for their behaviour/actions and who never takes responsibility for anything. The ones who always say. It’s someone else’s fault/issue. All those excuses and arguments eventually become “WHITE NOISE.”

With four well-received tracks now under her belt, upping the ante while pushing the drum and bass envelope is what Charlotte Plank is clearly passionate about.

As Charlotte continues solidifying her intriguing hybrid sound pop. Since being picked up by Radio 1, she is quickly catching on and gaining momentum. Whereby Plank is rapidly evolving into a very cool brand. The cross-genre sound is a huge step forward for this flourishing newcomer and is set to put her firmly on the musical map.

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