‘Tis the season when new artist discovery picks up. This is by no means an exaggeration. I cannot stress how super thrilled I am about it. I am looking at masses of new names crop up in my inbox each week now. So as readers of EQ, you should expect many more Emerging Artist features to appear here on this site. I have listened to a lot of stuff by Pasadena-based artist Charlie Hickey lately. Therefore, seems sensible to me that we start here.

Buzz has been amassing for the young indie-pop singer-songwriter. Although his talent was evident as long as eight years back. When uploading his first cover (of the track “Radar” by Phoebe Bridgers) to YouTube. While the earlier offerings, for the most part, were heavy, guitar-driven. The music has undergone a notable change since linking up with his magnificent Saddest Factory Records labelmates Muna. More bursts of instrumentation have found their way into the music. Coinciding with the announcement of the debut album, “Nervous At Night“, and the release of the title track. The newer blend of indie-pop styling used in this new music continues to gain traction.

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Speaking about his song “Nervous At NightHickey explains.

“It captures a lot of the anxiety and beauty that comes with growing up and having new feelings. This is a song about being nervous for no particular reason, (which is a running theme on the album), and also one I think a lot of people, particularly of my generation, can relate to.”

A big part of what appeals to me is the intimate storytelling style. Another skill Charlie possesses is writing imaginative lyrics that seamlessly blend with his affecting and softly spoken vocal commentary. There is a wholly nostalgic vibe with this music that I also find appealing. Charlie Hickey is one heartfelt singer-songwriter I can truly admire. It has been a while since I experienced butterfly feelings from a pop newcomer. A kaleidoscope of these beautiful creatures fills my stomach when Charlie sings. It stands out, a clear country mile. Charlie Hickey has something immediately special about him. Please do not contemplate straying too far away from this style of indie vibe, Charlie! I am very seriously into it in a big way.

Connect with Charlie Hickey
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Charlie-Hickey-451108541649340/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CharlieHickeyy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charlie_hickey_/