You know how it is sometimes when you’re online, something randomly peeks your interest, you click on a link that in turn takes you to another link and before you know it 6 clicks on and half an hour later you don’t quite know how you’ve got to here but anyway sometimes it is worth the effort to go the distance. Well much is the case in online new music discovery the majority of the time and exactly the circumstances in which I bring to notice Built by Titan, whom I perceive to be an exciting new emerging figure in EDM production.

On first impressions for an artist whose Soundcloud account and other relevant social media outlets have only been activated for a couple of months or so, Built by Titan has already managed to amass a strong following, not only one suspects for his small collection of vibrantly impressive production work that is uploaded upon it.

More leading towards the inclination that it raised, Built by Titan might have a few friends in high music places!

Biographic details are sketchy, curiosity got the betters of me, and as I suspected the Built by Titan career background, (which is out there if you purposely look for it) has shed light on an interesting and quite varied career already within the top end of the American pop music scene.

More likely as not, it is the fine standing artists of which the burgeoning up-and-coming producer has previously worked with that have rallied their support around to see the new project off the ground. As it is that Built by Titan is the alias of Frederick Williams a known keyboardist / programmer who has worked with Adam Lambert and also toured with the Backstreet Boys acting as their keyboardist and musical director.

Be that as it may, Built by Titan has already released two tracks in as many months, a whopper of an electro-house stomper called “Collide” featuring vocalist Johnathan Thulin followed with a bubbling EDM power-house David Guetta styled anthem “Heart & Soul” which recruits the vox of emerging singer John Taylor Haston working under the moniker of Skybourne.

A third floor-filling single “The Darkness” (feat Svrcina) is planned for release in October, but you can get your dibs on it already as a limited FREE DOWNLOAD.

What a way to lift off a project! All of these tracks are quality BIG room showstoppers, which raise no doubts that when these smoking choice cuts find their way onto the club circuit that Built by Titan certainly has the potential to go some great distance yet in a professional production career.

FREE DOWNLOAD “The Darkness” by Built by Titan feat Svrcina – (Until October 2014)