I knew if I waited patiently enough, a special someone would turn up and become my instant, new pop obsession. Emerging Nashville-based singer Jordan Gable (aka Brasko) has been flexing his vocals and finding his niche for a few years and made quite an impression in the process. As a fresh-faced 19-year-old, he started out singing pop/rock, but down the years this has evolved to factor in more of an electronic style.

I have to say I actually, pounced to hit play on this submission when it came in as I first felt an intriguing connection to the androgynous press image. Pretty looks aside thankfully the, most important ingredient, the music was also very much to my taste. In a way that glamorous pop panache meets a compelling voice, new cut “TMYLM” (tell me you love me) is a future anthem waiting in the wings for some serious attention. It “is a song about our desperate cries for intimacy,” Brasko told Variance. “More specifically, [it’s] about two broken people wanting another person to lie to them.”

The singer-songwriter throws down an exceptionally bold statement on this new project. Letting his guard down by way of yearning, heartfelt lyrics, he is urging another broken soul not to be afraid, and speak up for what they want, or more seemingly make actions speak louder than words. The song has an unapologetic attitude with a look to match and is a riot of jubilant, augmented electronic pop colour embossed with a glittery glam stomp. The song’s whimsical melody is reminiscent of the early work of Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy, he who conquered the charts back in the day with songs “Kiss Me” and “Unkiss That Kiss“, and more than a little flavouring of Scritti Politti (“Wood Beez” and “Absolute.”)

TMYLM” is a song that will pop, in your head like candy, spreading some serious, sexiness in its whip-smart lyrics and dazzling new-wave synths. If there is a cap with the words glambassador stitched on it, my thoughts are Brasko should be wearing it for, 2018.

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