The minute I began reading the press release introducing BLEACHx and his debut single “Dead Inside“. I knew the track would be a hot listen without needing to press play. Mainly because I remember having written about the LA-based singer-songwriter previously. Launching his solo artist project, songwriter to the stars Jeremy Thurber has assumed the new moniker of BLEACHx. I already knew his CV is impressive. Lists, major hits on JPop/Kpop scene (songwriter) collaborated/worked with Meghan Trainor, Greyson Chance and Jake Miller.

Like with most songwriters, there comes a time when a gear change seems desirable. The fulfilment of seeing your work through as your own creation through and through. Writing, recording, performing it under your own esteem. The level of self-satisfaction is much greater when embarking upon a solo project than when seeing someone else put their vocals on your thoughtfully written lyrics. Songwriters have an instant emotional attachment to their lyrics. It is only natural that they would want to express these feelings through vocals and performance as well. Thus BLEACHx was born from a place of wanting to โ€œbleachโ€ his past and start fresh. The career move also allows Thurber to write from a more personal perspective.

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BLEACHx is playing his pop A game for “Dead Inside“. Thurber shares the art form of delivering poignant lyrics, served alongside a jaunty earworm styled, catchy melody. (A strategy often used in pop and works like a dream on this track).

Dead Inside” is a fun song that is a culmination of all the genres and writing styles I love, and a goodbye to all the negative feelings I had inside. I wanted something dark and maniacal you could also dance to. When I wrote it, my dad passed away, and my BF left me because he couldnโ€™t deal with the grief of it all, and it was exactly how I felt inside.” – BLEACHx

Jeremey Thurber / BLEACHx might be one of the most engaging pop newcomers you have never heard of. But if you are a fan of Leland or JORDY (the vibes are somewhat similar to both), I would advise you to check him out.

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