December 2020 has come and passed by in more of a blur than usual. This year I feel the music world put greater importance on cranking out classic, well-loved festive songs. Yet, there was still a sizeable smattering of non-seasonal releases as well during the winter months. The week between Christmas and New Year is a time, I like using to catch up with tracks that may have dipped under my radar or didn’t have the time available to share on-site thus far. And so saying creates a brilliant opportunity to learn about Blake Rose.

Australian singer/songwriter Blake Rose came to prominence with “Lost.” The track was released in February 2020, yet the music video arrived in December. Taylor Swift included “Lost” to her “Playlist by ME!” on Apple Music. Ever since he earned this celebrity endorsement, the youngster has been gaining ground. Blake writes using thoughtful narratives which explore the complexities of relationships, documenting life through the eyes of a young man who is making sense of his experiences. I have listened to Blake’s releases before. While his songwriting and lyrics resonated with me, I wasn’t endeared wholly to the music style being more acoustic, guitar or piano-led. His dynamic, soulful, powerhouse vocals swaddled in emotions are not up for debate. His voice is solid-gold, timeless and strikingly incredible as if he were a seasoned performer. (With “Lost” he is well on his way to achieving this goal.)

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When I listen to “Lost” I hear a vocalist in touch with their feelings. Striving for complete authenticity, using vulnerabilities as a strength. A catchy pop song, revealing touching, heartfelt moments. The noticeable, difference is the pop-sensible groove which permeates through the melody. This places Blake Rose on much bigger music trajectory than the alternative route he first began taking. People have been calling Blake out as one to watch during the last couple of years. The arrival of Joel Adams co-write “Lost” is a seismic shift in music direction and has me enthusiastically invested in what lies ahead.

Connect with Blake Rose
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlakeRoseMusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlakeRoseMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blakerosemusic/

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