It isn’t always polished pop beats and brilliant songwriting skills that I look for from emerging artists. Sometimes I see past those things if I can see the potential to develop and improve in a musician. LA-based Kenyan pop artist Binoy is one such newcomer who falls into this category. After amassing favourable responses to his own self-penned and produced efforts Binoy wants to push his music skills further and has begun collaborating with the producer Arthur Besna for the first time. “Cruel Intentions” is the first release from the aspiring pop concern and Besna.

Dreamy synth vibes is a change of pace for the newcomer, but he takes the switch in style in his stride and delivers his best electronic-pop track yet. Truth be told, when I gave this track, its first spin, I became most entranced with the lush, sonic textures and production. In a teensy way, the track, got me thinking about The Sound of Arrows and the sense of splendour and wonderment their music evokes. Before I knew it also took me along a different vein, a very bouncy pop style taking a leaf from the 80s. Two of my favourite styles, of music, rolled into one. Is it no wonder that my mood changed in an instant, upon listening to the feel-good vibes emanating from the song.

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The lyrics are not so upbeat though, being that the narrative concentrates on being, misled into thinking someone is being less than sincere with speaking the truth. Loaded with metaphors, “Cruel Intentions” is heavily influenced by a road trip, Binoy undertook last year, the song follows the journey of the passengers. A revealing road trip that turned out to be. Nonetheless, it played an important, part in bringing this song into fruition.

Cruel Intentions” is a very captivating pop song. It instantly elevates my mood, positively when I listen to it. I hope Binoy has the wits about him to continue exploring this style which strikes a balance between pop, dance and synths. It is these three things which keep me coming back for one more play of the song.

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