It only takes one track to make the breakthrough happen and this is a statement that applies to this intriguing pop newcomer – Beux Levi. upon discovering “About Me” his latest single release. His description of the song is one that sets the tone for what he is about to bring to the alt-pop scene.

When sharing countless music reviews over the years (as Raj and I have on EQ Music Blog), sometimes we get a certain feeling about these things. Our intuition tells us, with his music, Beux Levi is honing something distinctive and alluring.

About Me,” is the second song the evocative songwriter has released using the Beux Levi moniker. Having previously toured the world through other music projects, the soft electronic music arrangement of the song is paired with a soul-searching narrative that brims with promise and showcases the impressive skill set of someone who could be a future hitmaker. (At least, I sense all the signs are here.)

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About Me” is about getting in and out of your own way. It’s an introspective inquisition of who you are and why you do what you do. From running through failure and hiding from success, the song explores the narratives and stories we tell ourselves to either cope or inspire.”

Notably, the music is slick and ultra-modern and zones in on a contemporary pop feel. As the track darts between the lush electronic soundscape and the storytelling lyricisms of the indie genre. The track is a confident stride forward and this music newcomer’s latest reinvent as Beux Levi, exudes confidence and vision. It is evident he’s brave enough to carve out his own musical lane and utilizes his ideas in a mellow, yet powerful way. Likewise, the music video directed by Theodore Swaddling is equally captivating. Although a simple idea, the clip seamlessly conveys the contemplative vibe of the song to good effect.

By putting his raw feelings on full display. Beux Levi has the potential to rise to the top and become an instant hit with tastemakers. We know this is not an erroneous statement because our own music-loving senses are in overdrive with this all round, stellar production.

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